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Lexy Hanson
Artist | Student | Varied
United States
For those that don't know me, beware of crazy. For those that do... beware of crazy. XD

Anyways, I'm just here to try and see what other people think of what I draw... I know that I still have a LONG way to go, but I would still like to have some sort of constructive criticism to help me along the way. I honestly want to go into CGI or into some sort of game design or something. ^_^ I might even be interested in becoming a manga artist.... but I don't think I'm quite ready for any of that yet. Heh.

I'm mostly a traditional media artist but I think that I'm going to start trying to do digital art and whatnot. I've already tried to use the mouse but... <_< I can't draw worth crap with it.

I enjoy watching some anime such as Fullmetal Alchemist and Clannad. I enjoy reading some manga but... I think I prefer real books that don't have a single picture in them. XD

I try to be a nice person but... if I end up yelling at you, it's probably because I'm either in a bad mood (very bad mood) or I'm getting annoyed. I... tend to feel bad afterwards so... please forgive me in advance.

Please enjoy my artwork... if you can call it that... and drop a comment or two. I hope you all have a good day. ^_^


Benito Kouyama Portrait by ChozoGal
Benito Kouyama Portrait
So, this is the last of the Backstage Pass guys. I'm dead... and he doesn't look his age. >_< Meh, ah well. This will just be a slightly older version of Benito. XD I might paint Sain now... but I don't know. I should probably go eat something... yeah, eating would be good. XD Then I should get writing... or something... could just go screw off. XD

Still looking forward to sakevisual's Backstage Pass even though its been... what... about a year or so since I heard about it? Has it been longer than that? I don't remember. XD Anyways... enjoy! I'm also aware of a LOT of the mistakes in this... I might come back to it but it is doubtful. I have a feeling I WILL be getting back to Matt's portrait... or just do a whole new one. XD

And I'm babbling... I'll just... shut up, now.
Random Animation test thingy
Alright, I've been wanting to try another animation since I did the blinking eye so... this is another animation. XD It's just something random so.... yeah. Just a random character and an idea... I'm starting to make more complicated things so... here's an animation where wind is supposed to be blowing her hair... anyways... enjoy!
Adam Eaton by ChozoGal
Adam Eaton
So... um... I figured I would use Adam as a test subject. Kinda... I always seem to be using Sakevisual's  characters when I'm trying out some new techniques and stuff. That, and my own characters... but not my own characters as much. I guess I would like to thank Sakevisual for creating awesome characters and allowing people to do fanart of them. XD

Do you guys know how hard it was to paint Adam? So freaking hard. I'm happy with how it finally turned out, though. Before, he looked much younger... and a little bit distorted and weird. Now, he looks older and kinda sweet. I imagine Adam's pretty sweet. *Hasn't played Backstage Pass yet* *Is planning on getting it sometime in the near future*

Anyways, I learned a few more techniques! That's a good thing. Next up is Benito... when I have more energy... Hope you all like it! ^_^ Have an awesome day!
  • Mood: Tired
  • Listening to: Nothing
  • Reading: A Troll's Fairy Tale
  • Watching: Uta No Prince-sama
  • Playing: Nothing
  • Eating: Nothing at the moment
  • Drinking: Water just want to lay down and do nothing even though you know you have work to do? Yeah. I do, too. Except, it's more of a, "I want to draw/write" type thing instead of doing nothing. I feel like a complete bum when I do exactly that. XD

So, why bring up this topic? No particular reason. Kinda just wanted to get the other journal out of my face and get another one up here. Somewhat just felt random... and then there is the fact that I'm procrastinating doing school work. <_< Senior-itous is kicking my butt right now. Also exhausted from waking up at 6 o'clock in the morning.

...And I feel like I need to get a job at some point. I really am such a bum. >_< Ugh.

<_< Um... Maybe I'll read until I fall asleep.

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